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  • Luna: New Moon

    Luna: New Moon

    Luna: New Moon Ian McDonald Luna: New Moon is the first in a three part series about five dynastic families who have built new lives on the moon, making themselves rich in the process. The sequels are Luna: Wolf Moon and Luna: Moon Rising. The families, known as the Dragons, are portrayed in the style […]

  • Station Eleven

    Station Eleven

    Station Eleven Emily St John Mandel Station Eleven is a pandemic story about a virus named the Georgia Flu that wipes our 99% of the earth’s population. The 333 pages are split into 55 short chapters and 9 parts that switch characters and time periods at a bewildering but engaging pace. It’s not a tale […]

  • Artemis


    Artemis Andy Weir Jazz, a women from Saudi, has been living on the Moon since she was six. Now in her twenties she lives on just the wrong side of the law, generally a good person, but willing to break the rules with a few side hustles in order to get by. In D&D terms […]

  • Swimmers


    Swimmers Marian Womack This is a story about an earth where climate change has transformed the planet into a watery wasteland and the people have been split into two factions; those that live on the surface, poor and uneducated in the main, and those that live in the ring that circles earth, rich and educated. […]

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